The Last of us 2

26 June 2020
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26 June 2020 Daz

The game that made me cry, get super angry at the world, cry again, try and play heavy metal songs on a virtual guitar, I got quite stabby, and also learned that in a post-apocalyptic world I would be spending most of the time routing around abandoned houses for Gaffa Tape and Plastic Bottles.

Wow, The Last of us 2 is just an absolutely stunning game which was much bigger than I initially anticipated, I constantly had a slight sense that I was near the end of the game and to my surprise, a whole new ark developed in the story and this happened more than I expected so definitely a most welcome surprise as I was having so much fun rummaging around this desolate semi-abandoned world that I wasn’t quite ready for it to end.

Ok so let’s get the technical stuff out of the way… Visually the best game I have ever had the pleasure of playing it is such a dense overgrown world were nature has reclaimed the land and the cityscapes are just an awe-inspiring sight. The controls for this game are so easy to pick and the welcome tutorial at the beginning to get you used to them is relatively short. Now one of the outstanding features of this game which I haven’t had a look at is it’s inclusivity to players who are at a disadvantage, hard of hearing, problems with hands, fingers, arms, even players with eyesight issues are all catered for and rightly so. This has got to be the most accessible game ever conceived, hats off to Naughty Dog games for leaving no one behind when constructing this masterpiece of a game.

Branching even further on the inclusivity is how culturally diverse this game is. The female characters and even the background NPC’s come in all shapes, sizes and colour the same fo the male characters. Sexuality is also explored very diversely throughout the whole game. This is what has been missing for a long time from narrative-driven games and kudos to the developers and writers for rather bravely taking this path with such a high rated AAA title.

Now I am a casual gamer, not competitive in the slightest I am in it for the story, the sense of adventure and Naughty Dog throughout their time of making games have always got my attention. The games these folks produce feel so real, sarcastic and full of adventure. I am a massive fan of the Uncharted series and do hope they make more as those adventure games are right down my street. I have never really taken to online gaming, I find them too intense and they are always in a rush… like Call of Duty, for example, they make these visually stunning games yet you don’t see most of it as your to busy running around shooting the shit out of each other. I like to become part of the story, I am there to invest my time, my approach and a game that is capable of giving me that sense of freedom and scale is always going to be a winner.

So let’s get to the juicy stuff, weapons system = awesome’ness! straight up the way, the customisations work is spot on, I am now on my second play though so I get some more in-game trophies and the one I am gunning for (yep pun intended) is the weapons mod trophy so to get it I am playing through again and lucky for me the Last of us 2 has a new game plus mode which means I get to keep all the skills and perks I gained through my playthrough for my new game.

Now I have seen petitions and complaints about the story of this game and I totally disagree with the hate some people of giving this game. The writers have taken a direction never seen before and the  twists, turns, upset, anger, love you will feel from just playing is so new and raw it will blow you away.

The Last of us 2 is a rather new take on gameplay structure, I would love to go into further detail here because it is actually a simple idea that I have never seen executed before and yet it is such a large portion of the story plot. IF you have played the game you will know exactly what I mean here 😉

Overall if you are in the market for a something to entertain you during this Coronavirus lockdown and are a keen gamer the chances are that you already have this game. However, if you don’t or are hesitant towards it, just get this game now take a deep breath and just go with the flow of it and I am adamant you will not be disappointed.

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