The Lab Journal

This is not going to be your conventional creative designer blog. I am not a fan of preachy industry best practise blogs. They drive me insane plus those recommendations are more often than not project-specific. Not this blog, this is my own personal space to air my thoughts, goings-on and insights.

The Last of us 2

The game that made me cry, get super angry at the world, cry again, try and play heavy metal songs on a virtual guitar, I got quite stabby, and also learned that in a post-apocalyptic world I would be spending most of the time routing around abandoned houses for Gaffa Tape and Plastic Bottles.

Deftones Album “White Pony” 20 Years later

I listened to the album in its entirety, didn't skip, repeat or pause. It blew me away the album was insanely beyond any expectations I had. It was an ocean of soundscapes occasionally swelling in distorted guitars to calming swill of soft almost whispered lyrics washing around.  Whatever Terry Date and the Deftones created...