Author - Daz

Bruce “Brick” Jones

3d Character Render - 4K resolution ready creations

The Last of us 2

The game that made me cry, get super angry at the world, cry again, try and play heavy metal songs on a virtual guitar, I got quite stabby, and also learned that in a post-apocalyptic world I would be spending most of the time routing around abandoned houses for Gaffa Tape and Plastic Bottles.

Deftones Album “White Pony” 20 Years later

I listened to the album in its entirety, didn't skip, repeat or pause. It blew me away the album was insanely beyond any expectations I had. It was an ocean of soundscapes occasionally swelling in distorted guitars to calming swill of soft almost whispered lyrics washing around.  Whatever Terry Date and the Deftones created...

Patrick Stewart

Digital art poster - Click for more information

A Theme For Murder

Novel cover artwork | Logo branding | 3D character creation - Click for more information

Reya | A Beautiful Rage

Album & poster artwork - Click for more information