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Hi my name is Daz and I’m an Art’aholic!” Phew now that is off of my chest I feel much more liberated. So I am going to explain a bit of the history and roots of LAB27

So around 16 years ago I started freelancing as “Black Label” as an additional way for me to work within multiple genres of work to extend my portfolio way back in  2008. As well as feeding my creative addiction it also opened up so many doors with welcoming arms and smiling faces I have made some excellent contacts who have since become great friends and colleagues.

The creative media industry has always been an aspiration for me, since the days of bunking out of school to hang out at the local recording studio with my bandmates I began to see a new world. Worlds were ideas and excitement are not only dreams but soon a reality.

So to condense this a little I studied Media in college and also trained to be a Sound Technician, Became fluent in video and got into Short film, corporate and Music video production, Trained young people at risk of drug misuse and unemployment how to make short films and DJ skills (I am religious about rock music so this was quite interesting).

Worked within the Arts sector in Liverpool and was involved with obtaining the Capital of Culture Status. Run a musicians drop-in centre at L.I.P.A were music inclined folk were welcome to come and learn how to make websites, run social media, design artwork, make music videos and digitally edit their music as long as they didn’t mind me playing “The Pixies” on the stereo. I have also worked for Sony (SCEE) which was a fantastic opportunity and introduced me to a corporate brand market.

This is by no means the complete chronological history of work and if you have read this far then I applaud you, thank you. If you would like to know more even the stories that cant be listed on the site then fire me an email or we could maybe grab a coffee.

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Why Choose LAB27

[porto_info_box icon_type=”custom” icon_img=”7142″ img_width=”32″ icon_border_radius=”500″ title=”Web Development” pos=”top” el_class=”text-left” title_font_size=”20″ desc_font_color=”#b8b5b1″]With our experience of working with marketing-leading technologies, We create extremely innovative and highly engaging solutions for all genres of clients.[/porto_info_box]
[porto_info_box icon_type=”custom” icon_img=”7143″ img_width=”45″ icon_border_radius=”500″ title=”eCommerce” pos=”top” el_class=”text-left” title_font_size=”20″ desc_font_color=”#b8b5b1″]Want an innovative and engaging online retail experience? Based entirely upon your core requirements.[/porto_info_box]
[porto_info_box icon_type=”custom” icon_img=”7144″ img_width=”40″ icon_border_radius=”500″ title=”SEO” pos=”top” el_class=”text-left” title_font_size=”20″ desc_font_color=”#b8b5b1″]With close-working client relationships, we create effective, best practice SEO campaigns that cement prominent positioning for commercial success.[/porto_info_box]
[porto_info_box icon_type=”custom” icon_img=”7145″ img_width=”32″ icon_border_radius=”500″ title=”Video Production” pos=”top” el_class=”text-left” title_font_size=”20″ desc_font_color=”#b8b5b1″]Fully qualified professional video always speaks volumes, such a great way to condense your message into a more digestible format.[/porto_info_box]
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A full suite of media solutions

With 20 years experience We have developed a set skills (inspired by Liam Neeson) which we offer all our customers with full project production to ensure your media needs are fully catered for.

We offer full service creative solutions specialising in branding, marketing, advertising, web design/production and video production. We have worked for businesses (B2B and B2C) and creatives in a variety of industries and genres, including extensive work in: the music industry, radio and TV, education, fashion, finance, IT, leisure & tourism, property, retail and sport.

For all projects we employ the same ethos, the work we produce is inspired by the simple marketing principles of AIDA: Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.

Web Development
Content Creation
User Experience
Responsive Web Design
App Development

Art Direction
Brochure & Literature

Online Performance
Search Engine Optimisation
Conversion Rate Optimisation
Paid Search
Email Marketing
Content Marketing
Social Media

Physical Branding
Identity Design
Asset Creation
Product Design

Stategic Branding
Brand Naming
Brand Development
Brand Architecture
Proposition Development
Tone of Voice
Vision & Values

Business & Marketing
Business Consulting
Marketing Plan Creation

Content Planning
Channel Planning


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